WGEI challenges institutional barriers by making global education and social change accessible for young women of color from the southeast United States of America. By uniting young women cross-culturally, we create space for self-exploration, sisterhood, and conscious citizenship.


To provide young women of color with a unique professional edge by offering opportunities for language exploration, global education, and emotional literacy.  As our students explore and expand their cultural worldviews, they develop an increased awareness around social systems in both national and global spheres.


We uphold these core values in both our personal and professional fields and further commit to empowering young women through:

Global Education

We provide quality educational opportunities for young women of color from working class communities. Through our unique study design, which values indigenous languages and intercultural exchange, students develop a global consciousness in understanding themselves in relation to others and the social systems around them.

Community Transformation

We believe in the power of community transformation through student-led, service-oriented projects. Fundamentally, after participating in our global exchange program, students integrate their global experience into social action targeted towards environmental sustainability and peer mentorship.


We celebrate our womanhood and honor the sacred bonds we create in both intraracial and cross-cultural spaces. As meaningful conversations and connections emerge, students become more socially adept to identify and articulate complex issues related to their individual experience and the shared experiences of women of color.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the indissoluble link between the self and the environment, and commit to collaborating with other initiatives that strive to preserve both environmental and human integrity. By partnering with Dar Si Hmad, we are expose students to their industry-leading Fog Collection project, which harvests fog and delivers water to poor communities.